She’s probably very nice, and talented, and may even be qualified, but there is a reason you’re not getting the results you want online.

DISCLAIMER: No nieces were harmed in the production of this web page. We have a niece and we love her, but we wouldn’t hire her to sell guns on the Internet.

Your website, your emailing marketing list, and your social media channels are strategic digital assets. Leveraging them effectively to drive traffic, capture leads, increase sales, and grow revenue is not a job for your niece or the new guy when he’s done cleaning the bathroom. Without a qualified, dedicated resource to develop and implement a well-researched and targeted 2A-friendly digital marketing plan, you’re not an ecommerce player, you’re just another FFL with a website.

Professional Services as a Service

Most firearms retailers have no idea what they need to do or who they need to hire to “make it all work” and drive online sales. So they either do nothing, hire their niece (it’s a metaphor), or they waste a lot of time and money on “SEO Bros” or a digital marketing agency that is not focused on the firearms industry. This gap between DIY and the “agency model” means most ecommerce operations are a loss leader instead of a money maker. What is needed is a new kind of digital marketing agency for firearms retailers.

Exactly What You Need, and Nothing More

The end goal of your ecommerce strategy should be increased sales with a measurable ROI. The resources you invest in your ecommerce operations should be focused on the implementation of that ecommerce strategy via your digital marketing plan. We execute your digital marketing plan to implement your ecommerce strategy. For most of our clients that means that your assigned Coriolis Ecommerce Concierge manages your ecommerce tech stack and performs weekly tasks like updating website content, creating and sending email campaigns, responding to customers via social media, and more.

Ecommerce Concierge

The foundation of every Coriolis engagement is our Ecommerce Concierge service. Your personal ecommerce concierge is responsible for executing your digital marketing plan and they are the one that provides priority support for your ecommerce tech stack. When you hire Coriolis, you’re getting a single point of contact for your ecommerce operations backed up by team of seasoned professionals with extensive industry experience and a track record that speaks for itself.

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