Started by serial entrepreneur John King in historic downtown Columbia Tennessee in 2009, King’s Firearms sits in a 15,000 square foot facility with 17 employees working across multiple divisions. They offer a full line of firearms, ammunition, and accessories, but that’s just the beginning.

Not only does King’s Firearms serve the sporting and self-protection needs of their local community (and online buyers nationwide), they are also actively involved with the law enforcement community by providing trade-in, evaluation, and procurement services to local, state, and Federal agencies at

Oh ya, they also offer in-house firearms financing with no credit check.

King’s Firearms Financing Is Available On All Firearms Over $250

The firearms financing program offered by King’s Firearms isn’t like the programs you find offered by most online gunstores today. King’s does it different. For starters, they do it all in-house. That’s right, they decide who to finance and it’s their money on the line. The King’s Firearms financing program is unique in three important ways that make all the difference.

✔️ No Credit Check Required

You must have a current address, proof of employment, personal references, and two payment methods.

✔️ No Penalty for Early Payment

Make extra payments or pay off your entire balance early with no added fees or penalties.

✔️ Only 1.99% per month for 12 months

So What’s The Catch?

You have to put at least 20% down and the term is 12 months.

That’s it.

So that $1,000 gun will cost you $200 up front and then you’re gonna pay $71.45 a month for 12 months, for a total of $1,057.40.

Which is $57.40 in interest.

Which is a reasonable fee for borrowing $800 for 12 months with no credit check.

Gena Will Be Helping You From Beginning to End

Perhaps the single biggest difference between King’s Firearms Financing and all the rest is Gena. Gena is the Queen of King’s Firearms financing program. Her job is to help you get your financing account set up, your order processed, and firearms shipped. Or set aside for in-store pickup if you want to stop by.

Visit King’s Firearms to learn more or apply now and start shopping.

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