Paul Angell, founder, owner, and former CEO of, is pleased to announce the launch of Coriolis, a new digital marketing agency designed to meet the complex and evolving needs of the firearms industry.

From search engines that prohibit the advertising of firearms, to content restrictions on YouTube that make it impossible to talk about certain topics, to the anti-gun censorship of content on social media, the digital marketing landscape is a battlefield for FFLs of all sizes. Traditional agencies don’t have the subject matter knowledge to be effective and most software vendors don’t offer full spectrum digital marketing services.

“Our mission at Coriolis is to help firearms related businesses grow their presence across all digital platforms, drive traffic, and increase conversions,” commented Paul. “There are barriers and landmines everywhere, but by partnering with the Coriolis Agency, every firearms related business can now access agency quality digital marketing services in a model that is effective and affordable. We can help you with branding and strategy, tech stack consulting, content marketing and SEO, list building and email marketing, direct mail campaigns, 2a-friendly online advertising, web, email, and search engine analytics, and a lot more.”

In addition to its focus on the firearms industry and non-traditional marketing techniques, the Coriolis Agency will further differentiate itself by offering digital marketing services in a subscription model. Instead of the request-quote-work-invoice cycle that wastes time, money, and effort, Coriolis will implement each client’s digital marketing plan with weekly actions by their Ecommerce Concierge, at a pace determined by their budget.

Coriolis clients will choose a plan that determines how much time their Ecommerce Concierge will spend implementing, monitoring, analyzing, and adjusting their digital marketing plan every week. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time. We have access to large pool of talented, experienced professionals who excel at photography, copywriting, video production, social media content, SEO, ad buys, graphic design, content placement, application development, custom integrations, brand development, and everything in between.

Welcome to the Agency

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