There are four kinds of FFLs selling guns online these days.

  1. DIY guys that actually know what they’re doing
  2. Companies that have an employee or team that knows what they’re doing
  3. Companies that have a freelancer, agency, or vendor that knows what they’re doing
  4. Everyone else

We created Coriolis for all the 4s that are out there sitting in the corner getting no attention. We see you and we’re Patrick Swayze and we want to dance with you.

If you are a 1, 2, or 3 go here.

Ok, the only people still reading this should be my 4s that are interested in driving traffic, increasing conversions, making more sales, and growing revenue. If you’re a 1, 2, or 3 and you’re still reading this, you might be a closet 4 and you should schedule a meeting with us right away.

We Can Teach You How to Dance

After thousands of engagements with FFLs of all sizes, from side-hustle truck drivers, to independent retailers, to online-only startups, to AAA shooting ranges, to destination stores, we’ve noticed something. There is a signal in the noise. A pattern in the Matrix. The dealers that have “figured it out” and consistently drive traffic, make sales, and move inventory have a few things in common and a few highly successful habits.

When you hire Coriolis, our goal is to map your unique business onto the tried and true best practices we’ve observed after working with thousands of FFLs to create a unique, targeted digital marketing plan just for you.

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