We all know you can’t buy ads for guns or ammo on social media and search platforms. And you can’t do it on most standalone ad networks either. So what is everyone doing? They’re posting gun-porn on Instagram, gun reviews on YouTube, and affiliate links on X.

That’s great and all, but what everyone really wants to do is buy display ads that link to firearms for sale online.

Well Now You Can

Armanet.co has taken the field.

Bottom line up front, this IS the Google Ads for guns we’ve been waiting for.

The analogy may not be perfect (Armanet is better in many ways), but the details don’t matter in the big picture.

You can now buy display ads across a large and growing endemic network of gun-related websites that reache 50M+ firearms consumers online. And we’re talking north of 250M impressions per month.

WTF Does “Endemic” Mean and Why Do I Care?

It means Armanet.co‘s network of publishers (websites you can advertise on) are all focused on firearms. That means they’re publishing firearms-related content and attracting firearms consumers. We’re talking sites like ArmsList.com, PewPewTactical.com, ForgottenWeapons.com, and dozens more.

You care about that because you want your ad dollars targeted as precisely as possible so that you maximize your ROI. People who drive trucks and like fishing probably also like guns, but do you want to display your ad for a Glock 19 to them or someone reading an article about a Glock 19 on a gun-focused website?

True Programmatic Advertising with Attribution and Analytics

Not only does Armanet.co solve the online advertising problem for firearms retailers and manufacturers, they did it right. Their platform was designed from the ground up to put you (or your agency) in control. You set your ad budget and spending rules, design or choose from pre-built ads, and they do the rest.

The Armanet platform delivers your ads and tracks every impression, view, and click. That data is then displayed in a modern, easy to understand dashboard so you can monitor and analyze your ad spend across publishers. By monitoring the performance of your ads you can optimize your campaigns by killing the ads that aren’t getting traction to redirect dollars to the ones that are.

Track the performance of your ad campaigns and adjust to maximize ROI

No Minimum Spending Requirements

This is big. This means that if you have never run a paid online ad campaign you can start small and experiment without getting locked in. Once you’ve determined what works and what makes you money, you can turn it up to 11 and rip the knob off.

How To Get Started

If you’re feeling plucky and have the time, you can work directly with Armanet to run your firearms-friendly display ad campaigns.

If you happen to be using AmmoReady.com as part of your ecommerce stack, you’re in luck. They have a free add-on that streams your in-stock inventory directly to Armanet. All you have to do to advertise that inventory is contact Armanet and drop some cheddar in the form of an ad budget.

If managing an online ad campaign is not in your wheelhouse and you’re not using AmmoReady, you can contact me directly or reach out to the Coriolis Agency to schedule a call. We are an official Armanet partner, and we offer digital marketing for firearms as a subscription service, including Armanet ad campaigns.

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